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  • Made in China 0.50 Pepperball Made in China 0.50 Pepperball

    Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Product Co., Ltd

    Professional manufacturer of safety 0.43Caliber pepper balls, our company adopts the most advanced hollow welding design inside the shell, which ensures the strength of the shell of the pepper balls, and also makes the pepper balls easier to break like petals. After our pepper balls are precision ground and polished, the precision Higher, smoother surface, will not damage the launcher, we mainly produce 0.68 inch pepper balls, 0.50 inch pepper balls, 0.68 inch practice balls, 0.43 Caliber dry powder balls , we can also manufacture other powder balls for customers , We are committed to making the best products and providing the best service to our customers.Can be traded in Alibaba:https://pepperball.en.alibaba.com/

    Email: dongjishuang@yeah.net

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  • Company profile Company profile

    Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Products Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing pepper balls with high-precision plastic shells. It is manufactured by the most advanced laser welding process, which has better strength than the pepper balls manufactured by ultrasonic welding and will not burst in the launcher. The pepper balls welded by laser will be precisely ground and polished to ensure higher accuracy of the pepper balls. The company produces three specifications of pepper balls, 0.68 caliber, 0.50 caliber and 0.43 caliber, and can provide OEM and ODM services for customers!

  • pepperball china pepperball china

    PepperBall was originally made in Taiwan. The projectile is a patented chemical stimulant that has proven to be more effective at greater distances, providing protection and versatility in any situation. PepperBall projectiles are available in round and VXR versions, and can work at almost any temperature from 150 feet away, with an area saturation of up to 50 meters. Each projectile is carefully designed to protect you in the real world, so you can be confident that you have the tools you need to do your job effectively and get home safely. Our pepper balls are manufactured using the latest technology (not ultrasonic technology) for use in the market). After being ground by a bearing steel ball grinder, high precision can be achieved. Our pepper balls will not deform and can be stored for more than three years at room temperature. .

    In addition to producing pepper balls, we also produce police and military training balls. In addition, we can also produce paint marker bullets. Pepper training balls can be made into powder and liquid. The specifications are 0.43 inches, 0.50 inches and 0.68 inches.

  • Plastic Shell Paintball Plastic Shell Paintball

    Product Name: Paintball

    Size: 0.68",0.50",0.43",6mm

    Grade: Training Grade, Field Grade, Professional Grade, Tournament Grade.

    Launch Calibre: 17.5mm, 11.3mm

    Weight: 3.2-3.4g pcs(0.68'')

    Speed: 230~330 fts

    Working Pressure:200 ~ 1000 psi

    Gas Type: CO2 / N2 / HPA Compatible

    Material: Gelatin + Oil , Gelatin + PEG

    Ingredients:plastic shell , PEG, edible pigment and water

    Character: Easy to clean, biodegradable, environmental protection.

    Executive Standard: ASTMF-04(American Society for Testing Material)

    Gelatin Colour: Optional

    Filling Colour: Optional

    Package: 500 pcs per bag, 4 bags per box, box size: 27X27X18.5cm, suitable for 160boxes/pallet, 9 pallets per 20' frozen container, 20 pallets per 40' frozen container.

    Storage Condition:

    It can be stored above 0 degrees and below 50 degrees, and the shelf life is more than 3 years.

  • What is a pepper ball gun? What is a pepper ball gun?

    manufacturing plant What is a pepper ball gun? What is the principle and the solution after being shot

    The Hong Kong police, commonly known as "the cops", have recently begun to use a weapon called the "pepper gun".

    The pepper gun, commonly known as the pepper ball gun, or the weapon called the pepper ball is (Pepper Ball) in English. Its force level is higher than that of the tear gas. Weapons that cause pain on hit" and "cause skin burns".

    Pepper ball barrel has obvious features

    As early as 2014, Hong Kong policemen introduced pepper ball guns but did not try them out until they officially started using pepper ball guns recently. The pepper ball gun used by the Hong Kong policeman is similar in appearance to the paint ball gun used in the War Game. There is a funnel for loading pepper balls on the barrel for filling pepper bombs.

    The effective range of the pepper ball gun is between 30 and 50 meters. It is composed of specially made peppermint and has a spherical shape. After hitting the human body or objects, it will explode and emit irritating gas, which fills the air between the shot and the nearby air. Smells like tear gas. Pepper balls are very powerful. In addition to being irritating, the inhaler can also feel burning in the respiratory tract. It can penetrate clothes and touch the skin, and there will be bruise marks when shot.

    Non-lethal weapons have caused deaths

    Although the pepper ball gun is not a deadly weapon, due to its long range and high speed, it needs to be avoided when using it at places such as the face, throat or spine. In 2004, police in the United States unfortunately hit a student Victoria Snelgrove in the eye when dispersing a crowd, opening a 3/4-inch hole behind her eye, damaging her right brain, causing her to bleed profusely, and finally 12 hours later. Severely injured.

    On July 21, 2019, a Hong Kong policeman hit a reporter from the editorial committee of the City University Student Union while using a pepper ball gun in Sheung Wan, causing a large amount of white powder to appear on his trousers, causing third-degree burns to his skin, inflammation and pus in the wound, subcutaneous Severely bruised.


    Once shot, in addition to basic cleaning such as being hit by tear gas, due to skin burns, inflammation or bruises, etc., you need to seek medical attention to confirm the subcutaneous condition for treatment.

  • pepperball grinding machine pepperball grinding machine

    Analysis of the working principle of special grinder for pepper ball The burrs will not be entered into the grinding wheel of the ball mill by the airsoft bb burrs. The pepper ball will be squeezed, and then the grinding wheel will grind the blank into an ellipse, resulting in uneven surface of the pepper ball blank, affecting the precision of the pepper ball and the subsequent polishing effect. 2. The pepper ball grinding machine grinds the burred pepper balls to a diameter of about 068 inches (17.27mm), but the precision is not up to the precision required by the pepper balls. The precision required for the pepper ball is 170.27mm plus or minus 0.03, and the pepper ball mill grinds the ball. Ball machine accessories require high precision. The upper grinding plate must be machined into a triangular groove with a depth of 18mm with a precision lathe. Tolerance cannot exceed 2mm. The grinding wheel of the lower grinding disc must be machined with a special grinding wheel to produce grooves. The accuracy also requires a tolerance of about 2mm. 3. The pepper ball grinder is the final precision machining after the pepper ball grinder. The grinder on the grinding board is a good grinding board and then alloyed. This grinding disc is of high precision and wear resistance. The same metal on the grinding disc Plating under the board. Pepper ball refiners require workers to constantly adjust the machine and check dimensions. The pepper ball grinder is as important as the skill of the worker.

  • Why are the pictures of pepper balls made by ultrasonic technology processed? Why are the pictures of pepper balls made by ultrasonic technology processed?

    Why are the pictures of pepper balls made by ultrasonic technology processed?

    The pepper balls manufactured by the ultrasonic process will have large burrs at the joint of the two balls. There are serious problems in both appearance and use. Because of the existence of the batch wind, the precision of the ultrasonic pepper balls is not high, and The strength of the pepper balls made by ultrasonic technology is not high. No, so experts or merchants will edit and process the pictures of pepper balls. In fact, this is only a superficial work, and it cannot actually solve the quality problem of ultrasonic technology pepper balls.

  • The safety and use method of high quality pepperball The safety and use method of high quality pepperball

    High-quality pepper balls are an important part of an airsoft gun. We provide 0.68 inch and 0.5 inch pepper balls for different models of air guns to meet the needs of different models of pepper ball launchers.

    A good pepper ball is known to be the foundation of a great shooting experience. That's why we should choose good pepper balls. We need to pay attention to several aspects when choosing pepper balls: The first is quality. A good quality pepper ball may improve your shooting accuracy, so the pepper ball manufacturing factory has a complete production process that can produce high precision and high standard pepper ball products. Also, using high quality pepper balls will protect your airsoft gun from damage and your airsoft gun will last longer, while low quality cheap pepper balls will shorten your airsoft gun life and bring you an unpleasant gaming experience.

    We can provide customers with pepper balls in various sizes and weights. You'll have a better and more enjoyable gaming experience when you choose the pepper ball that matches your airsoft gun. Also, the quality of the Bio Pepper Balls is generally better. The national material is made of PLA, which is more environmentally friendly and safer. , will not pollute the environment, and the biological pepper ball is not easy to break, but deformed after shooting, and will not produce dust, so the biological pepper ball is a safer guarantee. When choosing airsoft ammunition, look at the types of marbles recommended by imitation marble suppliers. This information should be supplemented by knowledge provided by airsoft-specific portals and our own gaming experience. Due to the large number of products, it can be important to test several different types of airsoft ammunition from different manufacturers. Also, airsoft ammo recommended by other players may not work in your dungeon, or may not be to your taste for some reason. When choosing pepper balls, there are other issues to pay attention to, such as the color or type of pepper balls - due to other properties such as material or biodegradability. Pepper balls will be more noticeable. For example, green or brown pepper balls will make your game more realistic because they are harder to see. Whichever pepper ball you choose, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offers in our store, where you can find airsoft ammo from the best manufacturers in the world.

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