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Application Prospect of Plastic PLA Ball in Toy Industry

The biodegradable plastic ball produced by Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is produced using PLA plastic raw materials imported from abroad. The biodegradable plastic ball is mainly applied to disposable products, and the properties of plastic PLA balls can be used to degrade in the nature, reducing environmental pollution. The plastic PLA balls are decomposed by bacteria to produce carbon dioxide and water, without any pollution. The degradation time of plastic PLA balls in soil is generally about 12 months. This refers to the fact that if the soil is relatively dry, The speed of natural degradation will slow down, and may be more than 24 months. Therefore, the degradation rate of plastic PLA balls depends on the amount of water in the soil. In addition to the production of plastic PLA balls, the company also produces plastic BB degradation bombs. The toy BB shell is a one-time consumable item and cannot be recycled for reuse. However, if the BB shell left in the wild cannot be decomposed, it will cause serious environmental pollution to the soil. The BB degradable bomb developed by our company solves this problem. At present, the plastic BB degradation bomb produced by our company is being favored by more and more customers. When also well received by foreign customers, we believe this company's brand BB Pearl degradation bomb would better serve domestic and international customers.

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