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Plastic Hollow Ball Explosion - Blasting School Glass

  A primary school student in Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, was named Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming went to school and got a plastic hollow ball with a diameter of 5 cm. There was a hole of 10 mm in the middle of the hollow ball. Xiao Ming's whimsical experiment was what happened when he put it into gunpowder and ignited. So Xiao Ming left school. After the firecrackers of the Chinese New Year were taken out, the firecrackers were removed and the gunpowder was poured into plastic hollow balls. After filling, the fuses of the firecrackers were also placed in the holes of the plastic ball, leaving a part of them outside. Xiao Ming took the plastic hollow ball to school. After the morning class, Xiao Ming took out a plastic hollow ball filled with gunpowder and showed off in front of classmates. Xiao Ming’s classmates were curious and wanted to see the explosion of the plastic hollow ball. After the power collapsed, Xiao Ming placed the plastic hollow ball filled with gunpowder on the concrete floor under the window outside the classroom. After Xiaoming used the fire to light the plastic ball on the outer fuse, Xiao Ming and his classmates hid in the classroom. With a loud noise, the glass near the plastic ball window was shattered by two pieces. Because of the loud noise, it alerted the teacher who was on duty at noon. After the teacher asked Xiao Ming know do naughty things, the school decided after careful study, to be persuaded Xiao Ming treatment and compensation for damage to glass school, Xiao Ming apply for a subsequent drop-out.

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