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0.20 g Dragon Ball Seamless 6mm Airsoft BBs china

Dragon Ball The biodegradable Perfect BB has a flawless structure and a seamless appearance. In addition to being perfectly manufactured, they are also non-toxic. Unlike many other biodegradable air gun BBs on the market, Dragon Ball Bio BB will not leave residue in your air gun. They are also less likely to break on impact, making them safer than most air gun biodegradable BB.

In addition to being some of the most reliable and accurate biodegradable airsoft BBs, Dragon Ball BIO BB also decomposes much faster than most biodegradable BBs. In the best environment, Dragon Ball BIO BB can be completely degraded in just 47 days! The Dragon Ball air gun biodegradable BB is guaranteed to be suitable for all the inner barrels of the dense hole air gun with a size of 5.95 mm +/- .01 mm. These Dragon Ball BIO BBs are uniform in weight and size, providing you with higher accuracy and consistency of shots. Unlike other low-level air guns that are biodegradable BBs, these BBs will not cause your magazine to fail, block your barrel or leave debris in the gearbox. Whether you are using a precision high-power airsoft sniper rifle or a high-end metal gearbox precision airsoft BB, performance can be guaranteed!

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