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Toy tank with air gun and Airsoft BB-taiwan

Now, the time of the radio con has been done. This time is tank! Tank! Finally, it reached this state. It is a new battle tank series "the ground self defense force 74 type tank" of the kyosho sho which is full of gimmick that is exciting even for good adults.

First of all, it is a package, but it is very big It is a level that cannot be excused if it is bought. And the main body is big, and the total length is about 40 cm! Because it variously moves by this size, it is already a full power point. In addition, it comes with light emitting lighting with Airsoft BB function and play elements! Because there is an animation, please watch it.

Remove the main package from the package. As for the same thing that introduced the other day, the same capital, "avantador", had been stuck in the package, and it took a lot of trouble to take out, but this ground self defense force 74 type tank had no screw stop, so it was easy to remove the tape and wire. By the way, the size is about 40 cm, the whole width is about 16 cm, and the total height is about 13cm. And the detail is really cool! It is reproduced to the caterpillar and the small material system to the painting of the weathering finish expressed by snakes etc. Recently, the animated cartoon of the beautiful girl + tank is popular, and the popularity of the tank is increasing, and I want to enjoy a tank. It is suitable for the person.

Because it is a radio controller, you need a battery. For the main body operation, there are six AA alkaline dry batteries, and 006p9v alkaline dry cell for remote controller, please purchase separately. After you set the battery, you can only work with the remote controller. When the switch of the main body is turned on, the searchlight near the turret turns on! This is a bright brightness. The remote controller is a two stick type, and if you move forward and down, you can move forward and backward, and turn left and right sides with either side of the stick. At first, it was difficult to defeat two sticks at the same time, and it did not advance easily, but it became possible to maneuver the tank freely when used.

Of course there is a gimmick besides running. At first, it is the turning of the artillery. Even if the tank body is turning, the turret rotates independently. There are two switches between clockwise and counterclockwise. Of course, it is possible to turn only the turret without moving the tank. Run the tank, stop, turn the turret and aim! Smooth motion. Furthermore, you can fire an Airsoft BB from this turret! Man is man's romance.Airsoft BB  It is equipped with a fluorescent paint and can be fired by setting it to the turret. And this is also a very fast firing, but I can't see the moment of firing. Also, retro movement (recoil back) when firing is reproduced.

It is run of the center, but this runs again. I think I'm surprised at first because I move more than I think. And it's really nice to turn the turret while running. Well, I think Dad will be more fond than children. Make an obstacle with a cardboard in your room, and shoot the target by Airsoft BB while moving! There are three remote controller channels, so you can run at the same time. You can enjoy battle game in multiple units! Enjoy the driving video.

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