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The quality advantages of laser welding of pepper balls France

Ultrasonic welded pepper balls have poor precision and are not easy to break. They wear a lot to the pepper ball transmitter and are not easy to store. Due to the tight seal, it is easy to release the smell of pepper. These problems are fatal flaws in the production of pepper balls by ultrasound.

Because the ultrasonic welded pepper ball adopts the buckle structure design, it can only be made into a fragile structure on one side of the pepper ball, and the other side is an ordinary structure design, so only one side of the ultrasonically sanctioned pepper ball is easily broken. This It is one of the quality defects of pepper balls made by ultrasonic

The pepper ball products manufactured by laser welding can be designed into a fragile structure on both sides of the pepper ball, and the crushing effect is better after impact, and the joints of the laser welded pepper ball are smooth and flat, and there is no risk of leakage. , It is more suitable for long-term storage. The laser-welded pepper balls can be grinded with a professional ball grinding machine to make the pepper balls more accurate and smoother.

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