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US police fired pepper balls at reporters and photographers

On the evening of May 29, local time, the production team of the local media WAVE 3 in Kentucky was shot with pepper bullets by the police "several times" and was shot while broadcasting live in Louisville.

According to the comprehensive news website "Mediaite" and the US cable news network (CNN), the live camera at that time scanned the two police cars on the road, and the WAVE 3 reporter Kaitlin Rust was introducing the logistics station for the demonstrators.

Katherine Raster

Then, a group of law enforcement officers in riot gear appeared in the camera. "We are behind the police line," Raster said. At this time, the anchor of the studio asked her to go on.

A few seconds later, Raster's scream came out of the camera, and the anchor hurriedly asked, "Are you all right?"

"I got shot!" Raster shouted, "rubber bullet." Immediately, she corrected that it was pepper bullet and said she was fine. At this time, a fully armed policeman appeared on the screen, holding a weapon and aiming at the camera for many times.

At first, the anchor in the studio didn't know the situation and asked, "Who is he aiming at?"

"To us, like... directly to us!" Raster shouted.

Immediately, the policeman fired pepper bullets into the camera lens. "Now they are shooting at the cameraman and they are shooting at our staff," said another male anchor.

When asked why the police took them as targets, Raster said he was not clear, "We are behind their team. They asked us to leave now and stay away."

After arriving at the safety zone, Raster said that the reason for the police shooting might be that the camera crew stood behind the police line, "I think we are a little close". She said that she and photographer James were not injured, but James was hit five or six times.

According to the uniform, some netizens later judged that he seemed to be a law enforcement officer of the local correctional institution in Louisville.

African-American men were killed by white police, which triggered demonstrations and riots in many parts of the United States. During this period, the United States police have attacked the front-line reporters more than once. On the morning of the 29th local time, CNN reporter was arrested by the police. After the governor of Minnesota apologized, the reporter and two other staff members were released

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