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0.68 caliber Pepper balls that will not burst in the transmitter

The biggest disadvantage of ultrasonic welding of pepper balls is that the welding strength is not good, and it is easy to make pepper balls burst in the transmitter, causing personal injury to the people who use the pepper ball transmitter, and will face danger,

Because after a pepper ball explodes in the launcher, you must clean up the broken pepper ball fragments and pepper powder in the launcher before you can continue to use it. But if you want to defend, it is very dangerous. Not only can you defend, but you will spread pepper powder around you, causing you to have no ability to resist, leaving you in a more dangerous environment.

The advantage of laser welding pepper balls is that the strength of the welded joints is very high, which will not cause the pepper balls to burst in the launcher. Moreover, the precision of laser welding pepper balls is very high, which can reach ± 0.05mm. The shooting accuracy is better, the hit rate is higher, and the defense purpose is better.

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