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Several manufacturing technologies of plastic pepper balls -NEWS

Plastic pepper balls are generally divided into soluble fracturing pepper balls and insoluble fracturing plastic pepper balls. Soluble fracturing plastic pepper balls are generally smaller in size, below 15mm, and insoluble fracturing plastic pepper balls are generally larger in size. The processing methods of the two are completely different.Soluble fracturing plastic pepper balls are made of degradable plastics such as PLA, and the manufacturing process is injection molding. Because PLA plastic is easy to shrink, the yield of PLA plastic pepper balls produced by injection molding is low, and the defect rate is above 50%. The reason for the defect is that the surface is shrunk, and there will be small holes on the surface after shrinkage. The improvement method is mainly to adjust the parameters of injection molding machine through injection pressure and mold temperature. The lower the mold temperature, the easier it is to produce shrinkage cavities, but the higher the mold temperature, which directly affects the production efficiency. Therefore, due to the unstable processing technology, the cost and price of soluble plastic pepper balls are too high.Another method for manufacture insoluble plastic pepper ball is relatively simple, and that size of the insoluble plastic pepper balls is relatively large by 50-125mm, so the simplest method is to manufacture the plastic pepper balls by using the method of machining plastic bars, but the fracturing balls are not practical and will be deformed during fracturing, because the plastic balls cannot be dissolved in fracturing fluid, they will be discharged back to the well after fracturing, and when the fracturing balls are deformed, It is easy to get the fracturing ball stuck in a certain position underground, and it will take a lot of time and cost to deal with this kind of fracturing ball stuck underground because of deformation, so at present, this kind of insoluble plastic fracturing ball is used less and less.

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