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Solution to high temperature deformation PSU plastic pepperball

The high-temperature resistance of PSU plastic pepper balls is relatively high among all plastic pepper balls. Generally, when the working environment temperature is below 180 degrees, PSU plastic pepper balls can run at high speed without lubricating oil, and there will be no deformation. However, some workplaces often need higher temperatures, so it is necessary to modify and enhance PSU plastic pepper balls.After PSU modification, it can resist temperature above 220 degrees, and the most prominent performance is that it is installed in an automobile engine. PSU plastic pepper balls are not only resistant to high temperature, but also resistant to oil, which is impossible for plastic pepper balls made of other materials. PSU plastic pepper balls are mainly modified by adding a certain proportion of glass fiber into the material, with the highest proportion reaching about 30%. At present, the temperature resistance of PSU plastic pepper balls with glass fiber is greatly improved and the strength is increased.

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