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Polycarbonate balls

Usually, in plastic, which is abbreviated as PC, most impact strength in thermoplastic resin is strong, with the highest impact strength (crack difficulty) in transparent plastic that more than 150 times that of tempered glass, heat-resistant resin in it is 5 one of the large engineering plastics. From where the physical properties balance is good as a whole, such as electrical and electronic and automotive parts from the field of convenience goods, it has been used over a very wide range to high-tech field.

Has the best impact strength in thermoplastic resin, it is also superior in mechanical properties.

Molding shrinkage rate is small, good molding dimensional accuracy is obtained.

When in self-extinguishing adding flame retardants easily become flame retardant grade.

There is a heat-resistant, low-temperature characteristics may be. (-100 ℃ ~ + 135 ℃)

There is also transparent and weather resistance, water absorption is also small.

Toxic and are also used as food without.

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