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Processing technology of Teflon pepper ball bed

The manufacture of Teflon pepper balls is completed in two processes. Because Teflon materials are only rods in the market, Teflon pepper balls can only be processed into Teflon plastic rough balls by machine tools first, and then finished by a special ball grinder for pepper balls. Therefore, the efficiency of machining Teflon rough balls by machine tools directly affects the manufacturing cost of Teflon pepper balls.

The machining of Teflon pepper balls by machine tools must use CNC lathe. If it is not CNC lathe, the efficiency will be very low, and the machining accuracy will be large, which will increase the difficulty and time for the grinding of pepper balls in the next step. Even if it is machined by CNC lathe, the correct machining method is needed. The efficiency of CNC lathe machining plastic balls in the early stage is very good, but it will be very slow at the end, because the machined Teflon plastic balls need to be cut off after the final machining. At this time, the speed of the CNC lathe will be very slow, and it needs to be cut bit by bit. Therefore, in order to improve the processing efficiency of the CNC lathe for processing Teflon plastic balls, it is necessary to improve the final cutting. The specific method is to make the tolerance of the plastic balls at the position to be cut about 0.10mm, and then adjust the speed to the same as that when processing pepper balls. After the tolerance is enlarged, although the processing accuracy is slightly affected, there is the next process. The special grinding machine for pepper balls can completely process Teflon pepper balls with large tolerance into high-precision pepper balls, which is also the best way to improve the efficiency of machining Teflon pepper balls with CNC lathes.

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