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Manufacture of PPA hollow pepper ball surface matte

PPA hollow pepper balls are often used in the chemical field as sealing balls for chemical liquid valves. The surface of PPA hollow pepper balls is usually sealed by mirror effect, but there are also a few occasions where PPA hollow pepper balls with frosted surface effect are used. How to process the frosted surface of PPA hollow pepper balls? The following is a detailed description of the manufacturing process of PPA hollow pepper balls:

The manufacturing process of PPA hollow pepper ball is not much different from that of PA plastic pepper ball, and both need the same mold and tools to process. The difference from PA plastic hollow pepper ball is the different processing temperature. PPA plastic is high-temperature plastic, and the processing temperature is above 280 degrees, while PA plastic is above 230 degrees, so processing PPA hollow pepper ball needs a higher temperature. PPA hollow pepper balls need special abrasives to make frosted surfaces. Generally, abrasives are made of resin and special silicon carbide, which is also used to make large grinding wheels. The mesh number of silicon carbide should be customized according to the frosting effect of PPA hollow pepper balls. The normal mesh number is about 120 meshes, but there are also special customers who have high frosting degree on PPA hollow pepper balls. It is necessary to use several kinds of silicon carbide materials to make abrasives. After getting the abrasives, put the ground PPA hollow plastic balls and abrasives into a polishing machine for polishing, and take out PPA hollow pepper balls a few hours later, and the finished PPA hollow pepper ball is obtained after gluing.

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