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American high official called pepper spray non chemical irritant

 Haiwainet, June 8 (local time) On June 7, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said in an interview with CBS that the pepper spray used by the police to disperse the crowd in the protest demonstration near the White House on June 1 was "not a chemical irritant". His statement not only contradicted the statement listed by the CDC, but also found by American media that even the companies that produced these anti riot products publicized that their products contained "the most effective chemical stimulants".

According to the US "Business Insider" website, Barr claimed in the interview that the police only used pepper spray and pepper balls with pepper spray and other equipment, which are not chemical irritants. Trump and other officials have also said that the police did not use tear gas that day. But according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pepper spray itself is a kind of tear gas, and the substances used for riot control, including pepper spray, are "compounds that can temporarily limit mobility by causing irritation to the eyes, mouth, throat, lungs and skin".

In addition, PepperBall, the company that produces pepper balls, wrote in its promotion that their products contain "the most effective chemical stimulants". According to the official website, the substance in the product is "a patented chemical stimulator, which has been proved to be more effective". It is understood that this kind of pepper ball will explode when it is contacted, and emit choking chemical gas.

The official website also wrote: "Our product is so effective that the word 'pepper ball' can already refer to any non lethal shooting stimulus." The US media reported that the company had obtained an order worth US $650000 from the US Army in 2018, sold pepper balls and launchers to the other side, and the US military was used to control threatening targets when carrying out missions in Afghanistan.

It was previously reported that on the 1st local time, law enforcement officers used anti riot equipment to disperse the protesters near the White House, so that Trump could cross the street to St. John's Church to take photos. It was Barr who issued the order of "clearing the scene". Later, the White House was criticized in many ways, but Barr chose to defend the police's behavior in this interview, and said that the purpose of dispersing the crowd was to enable law enforcement officials to establish a wider range of security lines.

However, CNN reported that the spokesman of the park police in charge of the mission had admitted last week that the use of tear gas in the dispersion process should not be denied before, but this statement was quickly denied again by the deputy head of the department. Barr in this interview not only gave the same answer of denial, but also said that the protesters outside the White House had committed violence that day. CNN said that Barr's remarks were aimed at getting rid of the controversy over the order to disperse the crowd as soon as possible

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