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Operating principle of PepperBall mobile transmitter

Operating principle of PepperBall mobile transmitter

PepperBall Mobile combines an LED flashlight and aiming laser with a powerful PepperBall transmitter. Compared with the popular LifeLife of the company, this mobile phone is smaller and more fashionable, which can be used at home, in the car, for walking, camping, traveling, etc. It's simple: aim, shoot. The pepper ball cracked, leaving any attacker's eye in hell.

"LifeLife is a great success for us," said Andrew Brennan, CEO of PepperBall. "We achieved this success, and together with Mobile, we designed a smaller but still powerful product that retains the combination of flashlights, aiming lasers and transmitters that are very popular in our LifeLife. We made Mobile smaller, easier to carry, and cheaper."

The mobile launcher is equipped with 6 live SD PepperBall pellets, 12 inert practice rounds and 3 8g C02 cartridges. It retails at $199.99. For more information, please visit pepperball.com. For more information about Pepperball and its products, please visit Pepperball.com.

PepperBall Mobile Specifications

Loading weight: 1.4 pounds

Capacity: 3 rounds

Overall size: 9 "L x 2-5/16" W x 2-9/16 "H

Lumens: 350

Air source: 8g CO2 filter cartridge (including 3 cartridges)

Launch speed: 250 ft/s/170 mph

Effective range: 0-40 feet

12 foot irritant cloud

Easy to use trigger button

Recommended operating temperature: 20 ° F to 110 ° F

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